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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

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List Description
Academic-AIML DL for AIML academics SBS EEB Dept Academics
Aepep25.plan Acad English PEP 25 (AEPEP25 AEPEP25)
Aepep30.plan Acad English PEP 30 (AEPEP30 AEPEP30)
Aepep35.plan Acad English PEP 35 (AEPEP35 AEPEP35)
Agents.sras Distribution list for International Agent Network
All.woomera.manual.participants Email distribution list to facilitate communications with and between participants on the Woomera Manual project
Allhdrstudents.socialsciences Email list for all hdr students in social sciences
Allstaff.infrastructure A mailing list for all infrastructure staff
Allstaff.socialsciences [no description available]
allynetwork-v.dvca This is the mailing list for the University of Adelaide ALLY Network.
Animalbehaviourlevel2savs Email all Level 2 Animal Behaviour Students
Anthhdrstudents.socialsciences Email list for all anth & dev hdr students in social sciences
Anthstaff.socialsciences Email list for all anth & dev staff in social sciences
Apwg.library Library Alma/Primo Working Group
Asianstudieshdrstudents.socialsciences Email list for all asian studies hdr students in social sciences
Bacc.program B.Accounting (BACC B.Acc)
Bappb.program B. Applied Biology (BAPPB B. App Bio)
Bappbio.plan B. Applied Biology (BAPPBIO B. App Bio)
Bbma.program B.Bus Mgt & Accounting (BBMA B.BMA)
Bbmgt.program B.Business Management (BBMGT B.BusMgt)
Bbusg.program B.Business (Global) (BBUSG B.Bus(Gl))
Bca.program B.Creative Arts (BCA B.CrArts)
Bcofi.program B.Corporate Finance (BCOFI B.CorpFin)
Bcrim.plan B.Criminology (BCRIM B.Crim)
Bcrim.program B.Criminology (BCRIM B.Crim)
Bebe1.program B.E(Civ&St) & B.E(Civ&Env) (BEBE1 BECS&BECE)
Behep.program B.E(Honours)-Eng Pathway (BEHEP B.EH-EP)
Bepb1.program B.E(Petrol) & B.E(Chem) (BEPB1 BE(P)&(Ch))
Bepb2.program B.E(Petrol) & B.E(Mechan) (BEPB2 BE(P)&(Mn))
Bepb5.program B.E(Petrol) & B.E(Civil&Env) (BEPB5 BEPET&Env)
Bepb6.program B.E(Petrol) & B.E(Civil&Struc) (BEPB6 BEPET&CStr)
Bepbk.program B.E(Petrol Eng) & B.E(Mining) (BEPBK BE(PE)&(M))
Besuselec.plan B.Eng Sust. Energy Eng.(Elec) (BESUSELEC BESusElec)
Besusten.plan B.E(Sustainable Energy Eng) (BESUSTEN BE(SustEE))
Bhlth.program B.Health Sciences (BHLTH B.HlthSc)
Bhms.program B.Health & Medical Sciences (BHMS B.HMS)
Bhmsa.program B.Health & Medical Sci (Adv) (BHMSA B.HMS(Adv))
Bintlrel.plan B.International Relations (BINTLREL B.Int Rel)
Bintr.program B.International Relations (BINTR B.Int Rel)
Birba.program B.Inter Relations with B.Arts (BIRBA B.IR/B.A)
Birbe.program B.Inter Relations with B.Ec (BIRBE B.IR/B.Ec)
Birbm.program B.Inter Relations with B.Media (BIRBM B.IR/B.Med)
Blas.program B.Liberal Arts and Sciences (BLAS B.LA&Sc)
Blibartssc.plan B.Liberal Arts and Sciences (BLIBARTSSC B.LA&Sc)
Bmadv.program B.Music (Advanced) (BMADV B.Mus(Adv))
Bmbc.program B.Media with B.Criminology (BMBC B.M/B.C)
Bmbcs.program B.Media with B.Comp Sci (BMBCS B.M/B.CS)
Bmktg.program B.Marketing (BMKTG B.Mktg)
Bmuscv.plan B.Music(Classical Voice) (BMUSCV B.Mus(CV))
Bmuscvba.plan B.Music(Classical Voice)/B.A (BMUSCVBA BM(CV)/BA)
Bmusmc.plan B.Music(Music Composition) (BMUSMC BMus(Comp))
Bmusmcba.plan B.Music(Music Composition)/B.A (BMUSMCBA BM(Com)/BA)
Bmusmep.plan B.Music(Mus Educ & Ped) (BMUSMEP B.Mus(MEP))
Bmusmepba.plan B.Music(Mus Educ & Ped)/B.A (BMUSMEPBA BM(MEP)/BA)
Bmusmpc.plan B.Music(Mus Perf-Class) (BMUSMPC B.Mus(MPC))
Bmusmpcba.plan B.Music(Mus Perf-Class)/B.A (BMUSMPCBA BM(MPC)/BA)
Bmusmpj.plan B.Music(Mus Perf-Jazz) (BMUSMPJ B.Mus(MPJ))
Bmusmpjba.plan B.Music(Mus Perf-Jazz)/B.A (BMUSMPJBA BM(MPJ)/BA)
Bmuspm.plan B.Music (Popular Music) (BMUSPM B.MusPM)
Bmuspmba.plan B.Music(Popular Music/)/B.A (BMUSPMBA BMusPM/BA)
Bpcs.program B.Peace & Conflict Studies (BPCS B.PCStud)
Bpm.program B.Project Management (BPM B.ProjMgt)
Bppe.program B.Philosophy, Politics & Econ (BPPE B.PPE)
Bscab.plan B.Sc (Animal Behaviour) (BSCAB B.Sc(AnBe))
Bscectour.plan B.Sc (Ecotourism) (BSCECTOUR B.Sc(Ecot))
Bsceg.plan B.Sc (Energy Geoscience) (BSCEG B.Sc(EnGe))
Bscen.program B.Science & Entrepreneurship (BSCEN B.Sc&Entre)
Bscentrep.plan B.Science & Entrepreneurship (BSCENTREP B.Sc&Entre)
Bscwcb.plan B.Sc (Wildlife Cons Biology) (BSCWCB B.Sc(WCB))
Bsoc.program B.Sociology (BSOC B.Sociol)
Bsociol.plan B.Sociology (BSOCIOL B.Sociol)
Bssbh.program B.Social Sc/B.Health Sc (BSSBH B.SSc/B.HS)
Businesssystemsapplicationssupport.itdss [no description available]
Chinascholarship-v.eee China Scholarship Council Students
Churp.socialsciences Email list for all churp staff in social sciences
confuciusinstitute.socialsciences Email list for all confucius institute in social sciences
Contacts-v.graduations Graduations Completions Contacts
Crispr-v.afw CRISPR user group
Cupalt Email list used for Campus Upgrade Project Go live emails
Cupteam Campus Solutions Upgrade Project (CUP) Team members, Functional, and Technical
Darts.program Dip.Arts (DARTS Dip.Arts)
Deansgroup.ecms [no description available]
Diparts.plan Dip.Arts (DIPARTS Dip.Arts)
Dipmu.program Dip. Music (DIPMU Dip. Mus)
Drupaleditors.web A mailing list for all Drupal Editors
Eaa.eee Mailing list for HDR students in the Adelaide Advanced Electromagnetics Group
Ecms.parents This is a mailing list for the ECMS Parents Group.
Elccontractteachers Distribution list for ELC contract teaching staff
Excheng.plan Exchange: English (EXCHENG Exch Engl)
Exec-v.physsci School of Physical Sciences Executive Group
Executive-AIML DL for AIML Executive Team.
Facultyofficestaff.sciences [no description available]
Facultyservicesleadership.ecms ECMS Faculty Services Leadership Team
FES-staff Group email to all staff in the Future of Employment and Skills Research Centre (FES)
Gcape.program GCert.Applied Economics (GCAPE GC.AppEc)
Gcbib.program GCert.Bio(Biomedical) (GCBIB GC.BiBiom)
Gcias.program GCert. Int. Addiction Studies (GCIAS GC.IntAdSt)
Gcil.program GCert. Insolvency Law (GCIL GC.Ins.Law)
Gcitd.program GCert.Int. Trade & Dev. (GCITD GC.IT&D)
Gcmp.program GCert.Medical Physics (GCMP GC.MedPhys)
Gcorh.program GCert.Oral Health Science (GCORH GC.OHS)
Gcsms.program GCert. Self Man.Super.Fund (GCSMS GC.SMSF)
Gdappfos.plan GDip.Applied Finance(Offshore) (GDAPPFOS GD.AppFiOS)
Gdengchem.plan GDip.Eng (Chemical) (GDENGCHEM GD.Eng(Ch))
Gdengcivst.plan GDip.Eng (Civil & Struct) (GDENGCIVST GD.Eng(CS))
Gdias.program GDip. Int. Addiction Studies (GDIAS GD.IntAdSt)
Gdttc.program GDip. Transl & Transc Comm (GDTTC GD. TTC)
Gephdrstudents.socialsciences Email list for all gep hdr students in social sciences
GFN-v.chemistry Joint mailing list for the George, Fallon and Newton research groups
Haklab01-v.itds Haklab01 list of registered attendees
Happb.program B. Applied Biology (Honours) (HAPPB HB App Bio)
Hbappbio.plan B. Applied Biology (Honours) (HBAPPBIO HB App Bio)
Hbinr.program B.International Relations(Hon) (HBINR HB.Int.Rel)
Hbmuscv.plan B.Music(Classical Voice)-hons (HBMUSCV HBMus(CV))
Hbmusmc.plan B.Music(Music Comp) - hons (HBMUSMC HBMus(MC))
Hbmusmep.plan B.Music(Mus Ed & Ped) - hons (HBMUSMEP HBMus(MEP))
Hbmusmpc.plan B.Music(Mus Perf-Class) - hons (HBMUSMPC HBMus(MPC))
Hbmusmpj.plan B.Music(Mus Perf-Jazz) - hons (HBMUSMPJ HBMus(MPJ))
Hdr-aiml DL to HDR students.
Hdr.asp e-mail list for all HDR students
Hhmsc.program B.Health & Med Sci - honours (HHMSC HBHlthMedS)
Hlang.program B.Languages - honours (HLANG HB.Lang) Communicate to Honours from dept EEB Communicate with honours student from MBS Dept For Community of Practice Members
Hugocentre.socialsciences Email list for all hugo centre staff in social sciences
IITallstaff Staff distribution list for IIT staff
Imer.resources.imer IMER regular meeting for research group User Group for Ion Mobility
Itad.itds An email list to connect staff members in the IT Academic Delivery Team (within IT Programs and Digital Solutions)
Itpds-testing.itds An email list to connect staff members in the IT Programs and Digital Solutions Testing team.
Itpds.itds An email list to connect all staff members in the IT Programs and Digital Solutions Team
Itrd.itds An email list to connect staff members in the IT Research Delivery Team (within IT Programs and Digital Solutions)
Itsectest [no description available]
Ituod.itds An email list to connect staff members in the IT University Operations Delivery team (within IT Programs and Digital Solutions)
Lawcasualstaff Adelaide Law School Casuals staff
librarians.arts This list is for the Liaison Librarians who support the Faculty of Arts to allow a single point of contact for the Faculty.
librarians.ecms This list is for the Liaison Librarians who support the ECMS Faculty to allow a single point of contact.
librarians.fhms This list is for the Liaison Librarians who support the FHMS Faculty to allow a single point of contact
librarians.professions This list is for the Liaison Librarians who support the Faculty of Professions to allow a single point of contact for the Faculty.
librarians.sciences This list is for the Liaison Librarians who support the Faculty of Sciences to allow a single point of contact for the Faculty.
Maah.program M.Arts(Stud. in Art History) (MAAH M.A(StAH))
Maccg.program M. Accounting (MACCG M. Acc)
Maccntg.plan M. Accounting (MACCNTG M. Acc)
Macms.program M.Arts(Curatorial & MuseumSt) (MACMS M.A(CMSt))
Maeco.program M.Advanced Economics (MAECO M.AdvEcon)
Magri.program M.Agribusiness (MAGRI M.Agribus)
Mappe.program M. Applied Economics (MAPPE M. AppEco)
Marts.program M.Arts (MARTS M.Arts)
Mbio.program M.Bioinformatics (MBIO M.Bioinf)
Mcsc.program M. Clinical Science (MCSC M. ClinSc)
Mdatasc.plan M.Data Science (MDATASC M.DataSc)
Mdsc.program M.Data Science (MDSC M.DataSc)
Meco.program M.Economics (Coursework) (MECO M.Ec(Cswk))
Mfin.program M.Finance (MFIN M.Finance)
Mfinance.plan M.Finance (MFINANCE M.Finance)
Mim.program M.International Management (MIM M.Int.Mgmt)
Minen.program M. Innov. and Entrepreneurship (MINEN M. Inn&Ent)
Minentr.plan M. Innov. and Entrepreneurship (MINENTR M. Inn&Ent)
Minentrol.plan M. Innov. & Entrep(OL) (MINENTROL M.InEn(OL))
Mmasc.program M. Mathematical Sciences (MMASC M. MathSci)
Mnurs.plan M. Nursing (MNURS M. Nursing)
Mpacc.plan M.Philosophy (Accounting) (MPACC M.Phil ACC)
Mparchurb.plan M.Philosophy (Arch&Urban Env) (MPARCHURB M.Phil AUE)
Mpart.program M.Philosophy (ARTS) (MPART M.PhilARTS)
Mpbankfin.plan M.Philosophy (Banking&Finance) (MPBANKFIN mphil)
Mpbio.plan M.Philosophy (Biometrics) (MPBIO M.Phil(Bi))
Mpbio.program M.Philosophy (Biometrics) (MPBIO M.Phil(Bi))
Mpcms.plan M.Philosophy (Comm&Media St) (MPCMS M.Phil CMS)
Mpcms.program M.Philosophy (CMS) (MPCMS M.Phil CMS)
Mpcs.plan M.Philosophy (Comp Sc) (MPCS M.Phil(CS))
Mpcsc.program M.Philosophy(Clinical Science) (MPCSC M.Phil Cln)
Mpgfs.program M.Philosophy(Global Food St) (MPGFS M.Phil GFS)
Mphs.plan M.Philosophy (Human Society) (MPHS M.Phil HS)
Mpll.plan M.Philosophy (Lang&Literature) (MPLL M.Phil LL)
Mpms.plan M.Philosophy (Mathematical Sc) (MPMS M.Phil(MS))
Mpnurs.plan M.Philosophy (Nursing) (MPNURS M.Phil(Nu))
Mpphi.plan M.Philosophy (Philosophy) (MPPHI M.Phil P)
Mpphysio.plan M.Philosophy (Physiology) (MPPHYSIO MPPHYSIO)
Mppro.program M.Philosophy (Professions) (MPPRO M.Phil Prf)
Mpps.plan M.Philosophy (Political Sci) (MPPS M.Phil PS)
mprop.architecture M.Property (MPROP M.Property)
Mpubhealth.plan M. Public Health (MPUBHEALTH MPubHealth)
Mteac.program M.Teaching (MTEAC M.Teaching)
Ozastroparticle.physics Australian astroparticle research discussion
Phart.program Ph.D in Arts (PHART PhD Arts)
Phdacc.plan Ph.D in Accounting (PHDACC PhD Acc)
Phdagjin.plan Ph.D in Ag&NatResSc - Joint In (PHDAGJIN PhDAgJIN)
Phdarchurb.plan Ph.D in Arch&Urban Env (PHDARCHURB PhD AUE)
Phdarcnujo.plan Ph.D in Arch - NU-Joint Out (PHDARCNUJO PhDArcNUJO)
Phdartnujo.plan Ph.D in Arts - NU-Joint Out (PHDARTNUJO PhDArtNUJO)
Phdbankfin.plan Ph.D in Banking & Finance (PHDBANKFIN PhD BkFin)
Phdbusmgt.plan Ph.D in Business & Mgmt (PHDBUSMGT PhDBus&Mgt)
Phdcms.plan Ph.D in Comm&Media St (PHDCMS PhD CMS)
Phdecoeco-626.plan Ph.D in Economics&Econometrics (PHDECO&ECO PhDEc&Eco)
Phdenvstud.plan Ph.D in Environmental Studies (PHDENVSTUD PhD Env.St)
Phdhortvit.plan Ph.D in Hort. & Vit. (PHDHORTVIT PhD H&V)
Phdhs.plan Ph.D in Human Society (PHDHS PhD HS)
Phdhsjou.plan Ph.D in Human Society JointOut (PHDHSJOU PhDHSJou)
Phdlawjou.plan Ph.D in Law - Joint Out (PHDLAWJOU PhDLawJou)
Phdll.plan Ph.D in Lang&Literature (PHDLL PhD LL)
Phdlw.plan Ph.D in Law (PHDLW PhD Law)
Phdmcsjin.plan Ph.D in Math&CompSc-Joint In (PHDMCSJIN PhDMCSJIN)
Phdmedfrjo.plan Ph.D in Medicine FR-Joint Out (PHDMEDFRJO PhDMedFRJO)
Phdmedngji.plan Ph.D in Medicine NG-Joint In (PHDMEDNGJI PhDMedNGJI)
Phdmedngjo.plan Ph.D in Medicine NG-Joint Out (PHDMEDNGJO PhDMedNGJO)
Phdmedsc.plan Ph.D in Medical Science (PHDMEDSC PhDMedSci)
Phdnurs.plan Ph.D in Nursing (PHDNURS Ph.D(Nurs))
Phdpharma.plan Ph.D in Pharmacology (PHDPHARMA Ph.D Pharm)
Phdphi.plan Ph.D in Philosophy (PHDPHI PhD P)
Phdps.plan Ph.D in Political Science (PHDPS PhD PS)
Phdpubhlth.plan Ph.D in Public Health (PHDPUBHLTH Ph.D PubHl)
Phdsci.plan Ph.D in Science (PHDSCI PhD(Sci))
Phdscnujin.plan Ph.D in Sciences NU-Joint In (PHDSCNUJIN PhDScJin)
Phdscnujou.plan Ph.D in Sciences NU-Joint Out (PHDSCNUJOU PhDScJou)
Phdsm-426.plan Ph.D in Sales & Marketing (PHDS&M PhD S&M)
Phdsurg.plan Ph. D in Surgery (PHDSURG Ph. D Surg)
Phdsurgery.plan Ph.D in Surgery (PHDSURGERY Ph.D Surg)
Phdvetsjou.plan Ph.D in Vet Sc - Joint Out (PHDVETSJOU PhDVetSJou)
Phmd.program Ph.D in Medicine (PHMD PhD(Med))
Phpro.program Ph.D in Professions (PHPRO Ph.D(Prof))
Phsur.program Ph.D in Surgery (PHSUR Ph.D Surg)
Plantscience-v.afw Department of Plant Science email list
Pmp6.program Pre-Masters Program (6) (PMP6 PMP (6))
Pmp9.program Pre-Masters Program (9) (PMP9 PMP (9))
Polirhdrstudents.socialsciences Email list for all polir students in social sciences
Polirstaff.socialsciences Email list for all polir staff in social sciences
Postdoc-aiml To communicate directly to postdoc researchers. Dept of EEB Postgrads Department of MBS Postgrads
Professional.savs Professional staff in School of Animal and Veterinary Sciences
Projectsteeringgroup-v.curriculummappin The Curriculum Mapping Project Steering Group members. SBS EEB Department Researchers SBS MBS Researchers mailman list
Scgshdrstudents.socialsciences Email list for all scgs hdr students in social sciences
Scgsstaff.socialscience Email list for all scgs staff in social sciences
Schoolbusinessmanagers.ecms ECMS School Business Managers email list
Schulzstaff.infrastructure A mailing list to target all infrastructure staff located on Levels 10 & 12 of Schulz
Seminars-v.asp External & Internal seminar contacts
Servicedesk.test1234 A test mailing list for Service Desk
soe_med Currently enrolled students in the Master of Education.
Soecm School of Education Curriculum & Methodology Lecturers
SoilScience-v.afw A mailing list for members of the Soil Science, AFW, Waite Campus
Soph-china.studytour2018 [no description available]
Spgallstaff.itds [no description available]
Sssaffiliates.socialsciences Email list for all adjuncts and emeritus in social sciences
Ssscasualtutors.socialsciences Email list for all casual tutors in social sciences
Stabpg.plan Study Abroad: PG (STABPG StAb PG)
Staff.pvcioffic Office of the PVCI mailing list
Students_aiml DL list for undergrad students with interest in machine learning.
StudentTravelRisk This list comprises University staff who should be notified if a student is identified by the University’s risk management provider as being in a location affected by a high risk event, or other notifications about student travel risk.
Sumbydoonangroup-v.physsci A mailing list set up for members of the combined Sumby, Doonan, Keene and Sumida Groups in the department of chemistry
Teachingstaff.asp ASP Teaching Staff
Teachingstaff.eee Email list for current Teaching Staff within the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering
Teachingstaff.mecheng All teaching staff for the current year
Tmseditors.web A mailing list for all TMS Editors
Tpa.staff All Staff & Postgraduate students at The Plant Accelerator, Waite Campus.
Uacfs.program UoA College Foundation Studies (UACFS UACFS)
Uacfsst.plan Foundation Studies Standard (UACFSST UACFSST)
Uoabsgacluster Email list for the Governance and Accountability cluster
Uoabshdrsupervisors A list of HDR supervisors in the Adelaide Business School
Uoabsptccluster Email list for the People, Technology and Change cluster
Uoabswmwccluster [no description available]
Vep.program Virtual Exchange Program (VEP VEP)
Vepecms.plan Virtual Exchange (EC&MS) (VEPECMS VE(EC&MS))
Vepprof.plan Virtual Exchange (Prof) (VEPPROF VE(Prof))
Water-adjuncts.ceme Adjucts of the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering (CEME).
Water-industry-contacts.ceme [no description available]
Waternetworkgroup-v.academic Water researchers identified from University of Adelaide academic staff to form an interdisciplinary team
Winefoodsciall Email distribution list for Dept Wine & Food Science staff and students Email distribution list to facilitate communications between associate experts on the Woomera Manual project
Woomera.manual.board Email distribution list for the Board of the Woomera Manual research project
Woomera.manual.core.experts An email distribution list to facilitate communications between the core experts on the Woomera Manual project
Woomera.manual.editors An email distribution list to facilitate communications between members of the editorial group on the Woomera Manual project
Woomera.manual.secretariat Email distribution list to facilitate communications between the members of the secretariat on the Woomera Manual project
WoW-v.waite Women of Waite (WoW) Network. Providing a forum for women of the Waite campus to connect, share, inspire and be inspired.

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