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Below is the collection of publicly-advertised Mailman mailing lists on Click on a list name to visit the configuration pages for that list.To visit the administrators configuration page for an unadvertised list, open a URL similar to this one, but with a '/' and the list name appended. If you have the proper authority, you can also create a new mailing list.

General list information can be found at the mailing list overview page.

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List Description
2016atsistudents.wirltuyarlu All Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Students
2016tutors.itas All ITAS tutors
Accounting-v.accfin List for all staff of the Accounting Discipline
Advisorycommittee-v.jbi A mailing list for JBI's Advisory Board Members
Ahmscommunity AHMS Community Staff List
Allprofessionalstaff A list of all professional staff across the University as at 1/2/17
allstaffauto.afw AFW All Staff
Allstudents-v.ans List to capture all current ANS (Adelaide Nursing School) undergraduate and postgraduate students.
Alumni-v.ipas Former IPAS Members List
Alumni_council_election_1 List for voters in Alumni Council elections
Alumni_council_election_2 List for voters in Alumni Council elections
Alumni_council_election_3 List for voters in Alumni Council elections
Arc-graphene-hub-v.organization Email for Graphene Hub
Arcs-staff email for all ARCS staff
asa2016.architecture Architectural Science Conference 2016 hosted by UofA mailing list
Assetbank Application user list for DAM Asset Bank Catatlgue
Associates.chiptec A mailing list of all associate members of CHiPTec, the Centre for High Performance Integrated Technologies and Systems.
Bacop BA Community of Practice (BACoP) Mailing List
Bonejointlab List is to be created so that the lab members receive emails from our generic lab email address, Team leads and managers in Business Applications, Application Services
Businesssystemssolutions.ts Team mailing list for the Business Systems Solutions Team.
Businesssystemssupport.ts Mailing list for the Business Systems Support Stream.
CAB-Authority.ts The CAB is the change advisory board. The CAB list will be used by change management to send changes updates, CAB invitations and other emails related to the change management process
Cas-environments-v.ts Maintain CAS related alerts to stakeholders of applications using CAS
Civil-postgrads.ecms Mail list for post-grad Civil Engineering students.
Cybersecclub-v.comsci Mailing list for computer science cyber security club
DentistryAcademic [no description available]
DentistryProfessional [no description available]
Digitalsigns-v.library List for sharing digital signs at the University Libraries
Domesticpostgraduatestudents-v.ans List to capture all Domestic Postgraduate students within the ANS (Adelaide Nursing School). List for Drupal Developers
Ecrarts Early Career Researcher (ECR) network in the Faculty of Arts
Enablers-v.ipas People interested in the activities occurring in IPAS
Engtest.ecms [no description available]
Epro.allusers Used for correspondence to all e-procurement users in Peoplesoft Financials
Epro.requesters eprocurement requesters distribution list
Fabfibremeetings-v.ipas Fabrications Fibre meetings attendees
Fhs.cast [no description available]
Fhs.ftcon [no description available]
Fhs.professionalstaff [no description available]
FHSdisciplines List of staff members under each discipline for the 5 schools: - School of Nursing - School of Medicine - School of Dentistry - School of Public Health - School of Psychology The lists will then be separated into Academic and professional staff. Would also be helpful if a they could be separated into Early Career Researcher (ECR) and Middle Career Researcher (MCR) also.
Finance-v.accfin List for all staff of the Finance Discipline
Financetm1users This is to share information among all the Finance TM1 Users
Firstyearstudents-v.ans List to capture all first year ANS (Adelaide Nursing School) undergraduate students.
Fitnesschallenge.ts [no description available]
Globalfoodstudies.staff Mailing list for Global Food Studies Staff
Globalfoodstudies.students [no description available]
Hdr.ecms All ECMS HDRs
Healthandsafety.ecms ECMS Health & Safety team list.
Hsw.ecms [no description available]
Iitboardofgovernors Board of Governors List
Iitconsultants IIT consultant list
IITstaff All staff group mailing list for those working in the Institute for International Trade
Infoscience-v.jbi JBI Information Science Methods Group
Internationalstudents-v.ans List to capture all International students within the ANS (Adelaide Nursing School).
Isp.ecms [no description available]
Its.ecms [no description available]
Itsman.ecms [no description available]
Jbcgroups.jbi-v Naming conventions have changed, so emails in the ESG and EUG mailing lists will be moved over to this newly named list. Then those 2 above mentioned lists will need to be deleted once the process is complete.
Labsms.ecms [no description available]
Labspc.ecms [no description available]
Learningdataexplorers Members of this list are academic and professional staff that have an interest in Learning Analytics and are exploring data from Learning Systems.
Lis.staff-v The Learning Innovations Studio provides support for MyUni, Technical Issues, Library, and Good Practice Pedagogy. All staff listing for Student Administration
Llt.library Library Leadership Team
Lsg.library Library Supervisors Group
Mailman [no description available]
Managerstsss.its All Managers in my team
Matt.test2 [no description available]
Mediatest [no description available]
Medicine.casuals All School of Medicine casual staff
Medicine.staff All School of Medicine continuing and contract staff
Medicine.titleholders All School of Medicine titleholders
MedicineAcademic [no description available]
MedicineProfessional [no description available]
Members-v.pfpsa Committee and friends of professional society-based group
mmw-v MMW Communications List
Modelmaking-v.architecture To email all level 1 students and staff
Mua.notifications MyUni Assist Ambassadors
Nursingacademic [no description available]
Onlineshop-i [no description available]
Pgreps.ecms one stop shop(email address) to inform PG reps of ongoings in uni
Production.reporting Email list of distribution of finance system generated reports.
projcomm.mecheng MechEng committee to discuss and collaborate on Honours Project and Masters Project courses
Psrecms List will be used for the PSR team to communicate to ECMS employees [no description available]
Psrstudentra List will be used for the PSR team to communicate to Student R&A employees
Psrueb For the purpose of PSR
PsychologyAcademic [no description available]
Rcpbusinesspartnershipsteam Research Contracts & Partnerships Business Partnerships Team
Rcplegalteam Research Contracts & Partnerships Legal Team
Rcpteam Research Contracts & Partnerships Team
Researchmaster-environments-v.ts Research Master Environments
Researchservices.ts Research Services mailing list
Secondyearstudents-v.ans List to capture all second year ANS (Adelaide Nursing School) undergraduate students.
Seniorservicedesk.ts Mailing list for the Senior Service Desk team within TS List for Service Delivery correspondence
Shop-alerts-ts Mailing list to communicate any OnlineShop outage/downtime/incident or any other related notification to prospective groups and individuals.
Sit.ecms [no description available]
Smartcities.consortium A collaboration of researchers employed by the University of Adelaide and external partners with a strong interest in research that underpins Smart Cities development
Smartcities.consortiumresearcher A collaboration of researchers employed by the University of Adelaide and external partners with a strong interest in research that underpins Smart Cities development
Soehdr Communication list for all HDR students in the School of Education
Soestaff School of Education continuing/fixed-term Staff List
soilecologygroup.afw-v [no description available]
Sprigg Distribution list for the Sprigg Geobiology Centre
Sra This is an email list for the new Student Recruitment and Admissions Team
Ssts.ts Student Services Technology Support staff mailing list
Steam-ts-01 [no description available]
Steam-ts-02 [no description available]
Steam-ts-03 [no description available]
Steam-ts-04 [no description available]
Steam-ts-05 [no description available]
Steam-ts-06 [no description available]
Steam-ts-07 [no description available]
Steam-ts-08 [no description available]
Studentapplications.its Distribution group for the Student Applications team in Technology Services
Studentdatanetwork Establish a national student data HEP contact list Notifications for app developers implementing the university web style guide. A list for the School's summer
Thirdyearstudents-v.ans List to capture all third year ANS (Adelaide Nursing School) undergraduate students
Tsss.ts To communicate to team members
Tsstudentbusinesssolutions Email list for Student Business Solutions team
Tssupport-shop Will be used by AI Team to receive any OnlineShop technical issue and task requests, patching information, security information from stakeholders, vendors, technical groups, security teams
Uoabsacad Business School Academics
UoABScontract Business School external service providers and contractors
UoABSPhDstudents Business School PhD students
Uoabsprofstaff.list Business School Professional Staff
UoABSStaff Business School Staff
Vrgroup-v.uoa Virtual Reality Working Group.
Water-academics.ceme Water academics within the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering (CEME).
Water-postdocs.ceme Mailing list for School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering water engineering postdocs
Water-postgrads.ceme Water postgrads within the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering (CEME).
Wcms.ts web content management system - tech services
Windows_prod_patching windows_prod_patching
Workshop.ecms [no description available]

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